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  • 3071 Plastic Handwheels
  • B035 Detachable Aluminum Hinges
  • 6130 Hand Knobs
  • C020 Oil Indicator Push-Fit
  • A250 Flush Pulls, Embedded Pulls
  • 1230 ST. Steel Cabinet U Handles
  • 1031 Retractable Handles
  • 3100 knurled handwheels
  • 9050 Grub Screws
  • 1290 Cabinet U Handles
  • B045 Aluminum Hinges
  • 1050 Retractable Safety Handles
  • 9222 Swivel Clamping Screws
  • 8061 Wing Knob Screws
  • 9071 ST.Steel Swing Bolts
  • 9170 Aseismatic Seats

Machine Hardware Accessories

Hander Well Enterprise has produced standard machinery accessories for more than 40 years. We provides machine hardware including general handle, hand wheel, clamping levers, knob, knurled nut, clamping accessories and more...

Adjustable Hand Lever Changed new model

For Adjustable Hand Levers with revised handles, more emphasis are put on the ergonomic.

In appearances, the usage of diamond lines makes the new generation of Adjustable Hand Levers more handy and streamline.

The strength of structure increases more about 15% than the former ones.